Hiring, especially in the demanding and nuanced field of material handling, is no minor task. The workforce forms the backbone of every operation, so careful and strategic hiring decisions are paramount.

The current hiring landscape is teeming with challenges, forcing companies to come up with novel and proven ways of attracting the best talent to maintain a competitive edge. An effective approach is the ‘3 C’s’ model – focusing on Coachability, Culture, and Competence.

Coachability: An Indispensable Trait

The first ‘C’ in our model refers to ‘Coachability.’ The importance of technical skills cannot be undermined, but the ability to receive and act on feedback is equally crucial. Coachable employees exhibit a thirst for learning and growth. They welcome constructive criticism, are open to experimentation, and most importantly, they continually strive to convert their weaknesses into strengths.

Research indicates that highly coachable individuals, when compared to those lower in coachability, are 28% more agile and adaptable.

Hiring coachable individuals in material handling can translate to a more adaptive and flexible team that can quickly acclimatize to evolving processes or new technologies. This trait is particularly significant in this industry, where every step in the supply chain counts, and an efficient team can dramatically affect productivity and service quality.

Culture: Fitting the Organizational Puzzle

The next ‘C’ stands for ‘Culture.’ Organizational culture is the lifeblood of any company. It reflects the company’s values, vision, and work ethics, contributing to the overall identity of the company. Often overlooked during the hiring process, this under-the-surface factor plays a significant role in the long-term success of an organization.

A new hire who doesn’t resonate with your company’s culture can disrupt the work atmosphere, impacting morale, productivity, and overall cohesion. According to Harvard Business Review, “The result of poor culture fit due to turnover can cost an organization between 50-60% of the person’s annual salary.”

At worst, a culture misfit can lead to high-performing employees leaving, creating a ripple effect of discontent and instability. Therefore, ensure your potential hire is not just competent, but also culturally compatible.

Competence: The Foundation of Performance

The final ‘C’ is ‘Competence.’ While coachability and cultural fit are essential, they can only yield results when built on a solid foundation of competence.

A hire without the necessary skills to perform the job effectively can put undue pressure on training and coaching resources. In the material handling sector, competence might involve skills like safety management, inventory control, time management, and many others depending on the specific role. These foundational skills are the bedrock of the employee’s performance, contributing significantly to their ability to carry out their job responsibilities effectively and efficiently.

One Hire Can Make a Big Difference

The 3 C’s—Coachability, Culture, and Competence—form an essential lens through which those in the material handling industry can refine their hiring strategies.

By focusing on these areas, organizations can not only attract the right talent but also improve employee engagement, foster a harmonious work culture, and boost overall performance. Remember, an effective hiring decision is not just about filling a position but contributing positively to your organization’s long-term success.

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