Packaging machinery, supplies, and automation is an exciting industry that is on the rise. There is a high demand for talent and many opportunities to grow within this field. As an industry that’s driven by technology and innovation, there has never been a better time to be involved in its growth. The talent hired in this lucrative field is rewarded for their expertise and leadership. Yet the ongoing talent shortage makes hiring top professionals a challenge for hiring managers across the industry.

It’s a critical time for companies to review their hiring strategy and make the changes necessary to attract and retain the talent they need to grow and succeed.

Partnering with a recruiting firm that is focused on this industry will give you access to talent you would be hard-pressed to land on your own. We have built a network of talent over the course of many years and by working with us you gain access to those talented professionals and more. We actively grow our connections every day.

What Sets Us Apart

Our in depth knowledge of this industry and recruiting expertise set us apart from other recruiting firms.

  • We manage the full hiring process from selecting the first round of candidates to submitting an offer.

  • Our focus is exclusively on a small number of niche industries where we have in-depth knowledge and experience.

  • Our hands-on process of selecting talent allows us to find a mutual fit between high performing professionals and great companies.

  • We are true partners and listen closely to learn exactly what our clients are looking for in a new hire.

Successful Hires

From the first moment we talk with a potential client, we get to know the company, the brand, and the culture. We manage the entire search process from start to finish and resolve any potential problems proactively, so that in the end you gain a successful new hire.

Our mastery of the market has cemented our reputation as recruiting experts in the field. Put our market mastery to work for the success of your firm.

Positions We Place in Packaging Machinery, Supplies, and Automation

  • President/CEO

  • VP of Sales

  • VP of Ops

  • Director Level/Sales and Engineering

  • Regional Sales Manager

  • Sales Rep

  • Account Rep

  • Sales Engineer

  • Branch Manager

  • Engineering