The power generation industry is an exciting and rewarding field to work in and has many opportunities for professionals to advance and succeed in their careers. Power generation equipment (OEMs) within the rotating equipment mid-stream market is growing field that’s seeing an increase in demand for talent. But the ongoing talent shortage is impacting the industry and making it challenging to fill key roles. Yet hidden talent does exist.

Now is the time for firms to reconsider their hiring strategy and find effective ways to attract and retain the talent they need to succeed. In this market, it’s essential to focus on making your company and opportunity attractive to potential candidates. Partnering with an industry-specific recruiter can give you an advantage when it comes to landing great talent.

Access to Hidden Talent

It can be particularly challenging to fill important positions if you approach the hiring process without a skilled recruiting partner. Partnering with a tenured recruiter can give you access to a hidden pool of talent and give you an advantage in this market. When you work with our firm you benefit from our ever-growing talent network that we have built over many years. We value our long-lasting relationships with both clients and candidates.

A Time-Tested Process

Our personalized selection process gives us the edge in matching high performing professionals with employers. We get to know your company culture and listen closely to find exactly what our clients are looking for in an employee. We manage the search process and clear up potential issues along the way, so that in the end you gain a stellar new addition to your team.

Market Mastery

We focus exclusively on a select few industries and we have since our firm’s origin over 12 years ago. Put our market mastery to work for the success of your firm.

Positions We Place in Power Generation

  • President/CEO

  • VP of Sales

  • VP of Ops

  • Director Level/Sales and Engineering

  • Regional Sales Manager

  • Sales Rep

  • Account Rep

  • Sales Engineer

  • Branch Manager

  • Engineering