At Pioneer Search Group, we take a personal, hands-on approach to recruiting. We recruit by connecting directly with passive talent every day to discuss our clients’ opportunities and find a mutual fit. These are professionals who aren’t necessarily looking for a new opportunity. Our time-tested selection process gives us the edge in matching high performing professionals with employers. We listen closely to find exactly what our clients are looking for in an employee. And then we find them.

Recruiting Expertise and Market Mastery

Our recruiters focus in specific areas where they have in depth market mastery. Our firm’s areas of focus are:

  • Material Handling Systems Manufacturers and Systems Integrators

  • Material Handling Equipment Manufacturers, Dealer, and Distributors

  • Power Generation and Oil and Gas Equipment (OEMs) within the Rotating Equipment Midstream market

  • Packaging Machinery, Supplies, and Automation

A True Hiring Partner

From our first conversation with a potential client, we get to know the company, the brand, and the culture. Working closely as a partner to employers gives us an inside understanding of how best to position the opportunity and find the perfect match.

Hidden Talent

Are you looking for the candidate who has just been applying to job listings? Or are you connected to the candidates who are skilled, educated, knowledgeable and in the top of their field? Those higher performing candidates aren’t necessarily looking for you or know what you have to offer. That’s where we come in.

In strong times and tough times, demographically, there’s a talent shortage. But hidden talent exists. You need a tenured recruiter who can tap that hidden talent pool. When you work with us you gain access to a passive talent network built over many years. We continue to grow our network the old-fashioned way every day. We value longstanding relationships with both client companies and potential candidates. Our personal touch and market mastery have solidified our presence in our chosen industries.