Material Handling is a growing field that is seeing an increase in demand for qualified professionals. There are many opportunities within material handling systems, manufactures, systems integrators and automation, and material handling equipment manufactures, dealers, and distributors. The talented professionals working in this field understand what it takes to bring value and productivity. And they enjoy the rewards for their challenging work.

With the ongoing talent shortage, it’s an important time for companies to examine what they can do to effectively attract and retain the high level of talent they need to be successful.

Partnering with an industry-focused recruiter can help you tap the hidden talent pool and give you an advantage in this market. Working with us gives you access to a network of passive talent that we have built over many years. We value long-lasting relationships with both candidates and clients.

Recruiting Expertise

Our industry knowledge and recruiting expertise set us apart from the competition.

  • We focus exclusively on a handful of niche industries where we have in-depth knowledge and experience and we have since our inception over 12 years ago.

  • We listen closely to find exactly what our clients are looking for in an employee.

  • Our personalized selection process gives us the edge in matching high performing professionals with employers.

  • We tend to the entire hiring process from candidate selection to submitting an offer.

Successful Hires

From our first conversation with a potential client, we get to know the company, the brand, and the culture. Working closely as a partner to employers gives us the inside advantage when it comes to finding the perfect match. We manage the search process and resolve potential problems along the way, so in the end you have land a successful new hire.

Our mastery of the market has established our presence as recruiting experts in the field. Put our market mastery to work for the success of your firm.

Positions We Place in Material Handling

  • President/CEO

  • VP of Sales

  • VP of Ops

  • Director Level/Sales and Engineering

  • Regional Sales Manager

  • Sales Rep

  • Account Rep

  • Sales Engineer

  • Branch Manager

  • Engineering