Salary transparency is becoming more and more the norm in the Material Handling Automation industry, but it’s certainly not guaranteed that you’ll be able to get a lead on the potential salary range of a job before your interview. Some companies are so intent on keeping salaries under wraps that they go as far as to ask candidates not to disclose how much they make at their current job.

So how can you find out what you should be making in the Material Handling Automation industry?

Salary tools like the ones LinkedIn and other job-focused sites offer can be helpful but comparing yourself to a generic group of candidates outside your industry is not always accurate. You want to find more specific answers. You have unique skills, experience, and potential. And every job you interview for is also unique. Yes, you want to get paid in the right range — and heck, you probably want to make more money!

The best way to gauge your worth and find a job that pays it? Work with a recruiter. A recruiter can give you an idea of what salary ranges are being offered for the types of roles you’re interested in and help you understand how your skills and experience fit into the market. They discuss salary and roles on a daily basis, so providing salary insight is in their wheelhouse.

Of course, not all recruiters are created equal. You want to work with a recruiter who has access to the roles you want and who will be honest with you about what you can expect to earn. The best way to find a great recruiter is to ask for referrals from people you trust and find someone close to your industry.

If you’re not ready to work with a recruiter, there are other ways to get a sense of what you should be earning. Try reaching out to your network of contacts and see if anyone is willing to share their salary range for similar roles. You can also look at job postings and see what salary range is offered. Just keep in mind that the posted salary range is often just a starting point — you may be able to negotiate for more.

At the end of the day, only you can decide what salary is right for you. But doing your research and knowing what the Material Handling Automation market is paying for similar roles will help ensure that you’re in the right ballpark when it comes to salary negotiations.


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