Industry Specific Search Firms is the Way to Go
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Industry Specific Search Firms is the Way to Go

In today’s advanced technological age, finding candidates for Material Handling Equipment and Automation has never been easier. Moreover, big recruitment agencies are available abundantly in exploring talent. However, are big recruitment agencies as successful in sifting and discovering qualified candidates as their industry-focused counterparts?

This is where a boutique search firm comes into action. They save a ton of time and money and focus on identifying potential candidates that may not even be looking for a position but would be perfect for it!

Why Use an Industry-Specific Search Firm?

They Know What’s Important in Material Handling Equipment and Automation
Let the experts handle the hiring process. Industry-specific recruiters are the authority in their field.

They understand what drives results. A boutique search firm is equipped with professionals who will recognize and identify potential as they value, respect, and understand the impact of every hire.

Save Time and Money
No company wants to waste money on a hire that does not stand up to the requirements of a company. When you trust an industry-specific search firm with finding you a potential candidate, you can expect a thorough search in identifying potential talent, prescreening, and assurance that only the best candidate will be forwarded for interviewing. This ensures an immense saving of time and money.

Deep Knowledge of the Organization
Working with boutiques presents a familial advantage that big recruitment firms will never be able to establish. Boutiques become a close-knit unit that engages in familiarizing, educating, and understanding the company’s needs. Since they are so well-versed with the nuances, they can communicate that effectively to the candidates and make them aware of the goals and expectations of the company. Industry specific recruiters know details large firms don’t, such as:

  • Detailed understanding of the role beyond job posting
  • Relationships with candidates that may not advertise they are searching
  • Industry-specific connections and expansive networks

Quality of Service
Business with a boutique firm ensures personalized attention as you interact directly with the team leader who will manage your project. Larger firms usually distribute work to associates you have never met with
and have only limited information, which often results in a miss-hire.

On the other hand, a boutique firm makes it a point to build a personal rapport with the company to provide excellent choices of suitable candidates that fit the company like a missing puzzle piece. Boutiques offer a detailed report of the process to allow better communication and transparency, thereby providing an excellent quality of service.

Overall, the best bet to hire a perfect fit for your company is to utilize an industry- specific search firm, as the advantages of this resource far outweigh the benefits of a big recruitment company.

Featured Opportunities
At Pioneer Search Group, we understand a change in your career or employment is a huge decision and if you’re going to make a move it has to be the right one. We use the old-fashioned method of getting to know the people involved and we can’t do that with an automated computer search. For us to properly advise you on your next career move, we need to get to know you.
SR. Project Manager
  • 5-7 years of experience managing large,
    complex Material Handling Automation Projects
  • Position is remote 50% travel
  • Client is fast growing Material Handling Systems Integrator that specializes in Micro-Fulfillment, AMR’s and AS/RS systems nationwide
Mechanical Design/Project Engineer
  • 4-6 years of experience
  • Client is a large Material Handling Integrator specializing in AS/RS,
    robotics, and design build solutions
Are you currently successful in your career but looking for a change? Let’s talk!
About Pioneer Search Group
We recruit the old fashioned way. That’s what makes us different. We use a personalized selection process to match individuals with employers. We are skilled recruiters who know how to find someone who isn’t necessarily looking for a new opportunity. Know what you’re looking for in an employee? We’ll find it!

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