The workplace has completely changed over the last two years. Since the pandemic, companies have had no option but to allow employees to work remotely. As a result, many companies realized that remote work is possible as a long-term option. However, many companies are still reluctant to make the change.

The debate about productivity inside or outside the office is still ongoing, but candidates are convinced they can do just as much or more when working remotely. Why are candidates so gung-ho about remote work? Here are some reasons.

No commute hassles

Daily commute amounts to about 89 million hours each week in the US. One in five people (about 17%) are regularly late for work due to travel disruptions. Employees prefer working from home because remote work frees them from commuting daily, thereby saving the hassle of getting stuck in traffic for hours. It also saves money on fuel which has hit record prices.

Increased productivity

Many companies still believe that remote work or hybrid work leads to lazy employees. However, this myth has been proven wrong by recent research. In fact, according to Business News Daily, “remote employees work 1.4 days per month than their office-based counterparts, resulting in more than three additional weeks per year.” Also, remote work can remove distractions that are usually common at workplaces like water cooler talk and extraneous meetings.

Increased flexibility

Remote work means making more choices as an employee. As a part of the material handling industry, you know that not all your work can be accomplished remotely. However, for those roles that can be done remotely, employees can work from where they want, when they want. As long as they are good with time and work management, they can work at the best times that suit them and their families.

Although remote work has many benefits for candidates and employers, working remotely also comes with its own challenges, such as loneliness, lack of team spirit, and social interactions. Still, many candidates are willing to overlook these disadvantages in exchange for a hybrid or fully remote work model. In fact, it is one of the questions recruiters get asked the most when candidates are considering an offer.


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