As the material handling industry continues to advance, it’s important to stay aware of the latest trends and technology. In order to bring value and productivity to the table, here are some important trends to consider for 2023:

  • Better utilization of space: With the cost of warehousing continuing to rise, businesses have to maximize their use of available space. This means looking at ways to decrease travel time between locations, reduce product damage, and optimize productivity.

    In addition to utilizing available space, businesses should also look at deploying sensors and IoT technology to better monitor operations. This data can then be used to identify problems, such as bottlenecks or long waiting periods.

  • Greater use of artificial intelligence: AI is becoming increasingly important for the material handling industry. AI implementation is driven by the need for improved efficiency, speed, and accuracy in supply chain operations.

    According to a report by Research and Markets, the global market for AI in the material handling industry is projected to reach $6.79 billion by 2027, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 45.6% from 2020 to 2027.

  • Harnessing Big Data: Utilizing Big Data can provide valuable insights into how processes are performing and predicting future needs better. This will help companies create more efficient systems that save time and money.

    Hiring people with these skills are what will take your organization to the next level. Companies need to invest in employees who have experience with automation, AI, Big Data and other cutting-edge technology.

  • Recruiting Top Talent: With the ongoing talent shortage, it’s an essential time for companies to evaluate what they can do differently when it comes to attracting highly skilled professionals. Partnering with an industry-focused recruiting agency can give you access to a larger pool of qualified individuals who could be the ones to lead your business into the future.

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The material handling industry is constantly evolving and growing, so staying up to date on these emerging trends will help ensure success in 2023.


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