How can you keep your employees focused and motivated when there are so many distractions in the world right now? First, you have to recognize some of the most common roadblocks that kill workplace productivity:

  • Meetings: Workers spend up to 3.8 hours per week in unproductive meetings. Before scheduling a meeting, decide if an email will suffice.

  • Not taking breaks: Although it seems counterintuitive, taking time for breaks helps employees more productive with their time. Encourage breaks.

  • Putting off big tasks: Employees may stay busy all day but not prioritize the most critical tasks. Setting clear goals and timelines helps your team stay focused.

Reducing these issues should be your main priority, then you can move on to some of these ways to keep your team motivated and achieving.

Build a Positive Work Culture

Encouraging employee wellness is more important now than ever. It’s easier to motivate a workforce when it’s physically and mentally healthy. Then, provide them with plenty of opportunities for self-development to advance their careers with you instead of a competitor. Leaders also need to focus more on being active listeners by inviting and appreciating employee input.

Recruit and Retain Emotionally Intelligent Candidates

Employees may be anxious now from ongoing emotional and economic pressure. They need empathetic, emotionally intelligent leaders to connect with them. Encourage your staff to express their emotions, and don’t hesitate to share some of your feelings with them. Most hiring managers only focus on IQ and technical skills. However, it’s important to recruit and retain emotionally intelligent candidates because they will be your top performers.

Provide More Flexibility

If you want a motivated workforce, then you have to ensure that their energy levels remain high. From offering a four-day workweek to reducing workdays, employees that can meet their family obligations will be more productive at work. Strict policies, rules, and procedures will only result in demotivation.

Managing and motivating a hybrid workforce presents some unique challenges. Organizations that aren’t afraid to adapt and experiment can still increase their team’s performance. Continue to promote a positive work environment by keeping employees engaged, providing empathetic leadership, and remaining flexible during times of uncertainty.


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