Your material handling products or services may outshine everyone else’s, but the excellence you offer will remain a secret unless you find the right salesperson for your team.

How do successful organizations discover their sales talent?

The level of talent you hire determines your success. Leaders in material handling automation and equipment sales look for people who work from relationships. Your relationship acuity for attracting, recruiting, hiring and retaining your sales team will determine the caliber of sales professionals in your organization.

Today’s sales professionals should know your industry. They’ll also need something else: an ability to build and maintain strong relationships.

Where to find your next stellar salesperson

You’re not looking for a unicorn; great sales reps are out there. They’re employed, and they’re not looking for new roles. They may, however, be interested in especially good opportunities, especially if you’re willing to pay them what they’re worth. That’s why you’ll have to find them before your competitor does.

Where do recruiters recommend looking for these sales professionals? Try turning to three top sources.

  1. Networks – Chances are good that you have access to a vast network made up of coworkers, colleagues, employees, friends and family. Ask everyone to recommend their contacts for the open position at your organization.

  2. Social media – Turn to the internet to deepen your search. Many professionals begin with LinkedIn, but don’t stop there. Find out who’s on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Explore SnapChat and Quora to find the influencers who would benefit your organization.

  3. Campuses – Volunteer to speak at careers fairs and post open positions within the colleges.

Once you find individuals who would likely be an excellent fit for your team, schedule interviews and spend time talking with interested candidates, and ask open-ended questions that encourage each interviewee to reveal how they communicate and problem-solve.

Hire for characteristics, then train like crazy

Hiring the wrong person can cost your company far more than the rep’s annual salary.

The person you hire to sell for your company must be the right fit and bring specific characteristics to the role. For example, the best salespersons are goal-driven and know how to manage their time. Other critical qualities include:

  • accountability

  • motivation

  • flexibility

  • persistence

When you find the perfect sales professional for your team, make a job offer but don’t stop there. Invest time in teaching your corporate culture and onboarding your new hires so someone else doesn’t recruit them.


We recruit the old fashioned way. That’s what makes us different. We use a personalized selection We use a personalized selection process to match individuals with employers. We are skilled recruiters who know how to find someone who isn’t necessarily looking for a new opportunity. Know what you’re looking for in an employee? We’ll find it! To learn more about how Pioneer Search Group can help you, contact us.