Global supply chains continue to evolve at a rapid pace. Now, business owners can leverage innovative technology like artificial intelligence to create smart factories and automate many tasks traditionally done by people. Let’s take a closer look at how AI is changing supply chain automation.

Cognitive Automation

Although we will always need qualified people for essential positions like account executives and project managers, a growing number of organizations are using AI to reduce manual human labor, especially the time being spent by supply chain professionals gathering data. More executives invest in and apply cognitive technologies to their daily operations and products to optimize supply chain performance with AI-driven predictions and recommendations. Informed decision-making is quickly becoming a reality. AI technology improves everything from demand volatility and supply constraints to dynamic distribution and production schedule.

Collaborative Robots

Collaborative robots, or cobots, are reshaping supply chain automation, too. CEOs are investing in robots that can safely work alongside humans, thanks to AI software. Cobots prove valuable assets when it comes to keeping workers healthy by completing repetitive tasks like moving hazardous raw materials around warehouses. They are also being used to improve some aspects of quality control. Cobots are better equipped for completing these dull tasks and much more accurate at inspecting products for defects.

Connected Supply Chains

Workplaces are quickly transforming into instrumented environments that produce machine-generated information via GPS, meters, and sensors. Instead of using humans to count inventory, it will count itself with the help of AI. Workers can even use this technology to detect pallets that are misplaced.

AI is helping supply chains work smarter instead of harder. Companies investing in cognitive automation and collaborative robots can enjoy significant returns on their investments by improving supply chain performance. Don’t be left behind. Capitalize on this technology by working with a seasoned recruiter experienced in material handling automation and equipment to meet your automation needs.



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