As oil and gas equipment (OEMs) gain in popularity, the demand for skilled professionals within the rotating equipment mid-stream market is on the rise. Companies looking to fill roles in this area are facing a talent shortage that makes finding qualified individuals difficult.

Yet these individuals do exist, and with the right approach your business can benefit from their expertise. To successfully attract and retain these hidden gems, companies must be strategic with their recruitment strategy – leveraging the latest technologies, approaches and tools to create a compelling value proposition for candidates. Internal recruiting teams should look at creative and innovative ways to find top talent, such as offering industry-specific education or learning opportunities.

Work with an Industry-Specific Recruiter

Partnering with an industry-specific recruiter can give you access to a vast network of passive talent that has taken years to build up. This gives you an edge over other companies who may not have this resource accessible to them. Additionally, working with us allows you build long-lasting relationships with both candidates and clients alike.

For example, Siemens have partnered with recruitment agencies for international projects such as their renewable energy initiatives. Since 2016, these agencies have helped Siemens create an optimal global workforce based on technology solutions that meet cost requirements but still deliver results in terms of total quality management. Moreover, having a close relationship between recruiters and employers is key when it comes to addressing real recruitment challenges – allowing recruiters to act fast when it comes to delivery while getting pertinent feedback and market insights from employers.

Use Data to Get Tailored Results for Hiring

The use of data analytics can also be immensely helpful in gaining insights into top-performing job markets that may hide pockets of valuable talent across multiple sectors. This wealth of information can give your company much needed ideas about where best to search for hidden talent spending less time and resources in the process. Indeed, using comprehensive workforce insights gathered through data analysis can save time otherwise spent manually searching through unknown areas or channels.

At the end of day there are many different avenues available out there allowing recruiters to rapidly tap into best practices while making sure they don’t miss out on any potential candidates due to lack of information or foresight.

It’s important then for companies looking for new recruits within the oil and gas sector remember that while a talent shortage presents its own unique set of problems, there are still solutions available ensuring they get the best out of their hiring process – partnering strategically with an industry-focused recruiting agency can open up new opportunities in this field giving them access to top tier talent for their upcoming projects.


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