According to CIO, “Managing is a specialized skill, requiring communication and mediation skills, digital tools, and excellent planning and visualization.”

If you’re considering hiring a leader for your material handling hybrid team, you must first recognize that certain traits are helpful to look for. When most of the communication happens through email, messaging channels, and video meetings, leaders must be able to communicate with even more clarity and conciseness.

Here are some critical traits to look for when hiring leaders for your material handling team:

  • Tech with a purpose. Communication is critical for success. Great leaders know their team well and understand the best communication style for each member. That’s why apps are most effective when the user understands how to get the most out of the team, not the app. Find someone who can strike a balance.

  • Leaders make work personal. What worked in the office doesn’t always translate easily to hybrid environments, so leaders understand how to set aside meeting times for fun, family, and even food. It’s about transforming corporate culture to celebrate personal lives.

  • Productivity is the focus. Even though hybrid teams find ways to have fun and celebrate each other, leaders aren’t afraid to discuss productivity and motivate the team to increase it. They have clear and honest communication with the team and have crystal clear metrics for success.

  • Feedback is important.Considerate leaders have no qualms about admitting that they need the insight and help of their team members. Good leaders are disciplined and consistent in their pursuit to grow better; feedback is critical for growth.

  • Respect is a priorityGood leaders respect everyone irrespective of their role, title, or position. Find someone who can get the job done while respecting the contributions everyone makes.

The Bottom Line

Many potential candidates in the material handling industry may have the skills you’re looking for, but not all of them will thrive in a hybrid work setting.

Those who are best suited to working remotely can manage themselves. They identify the tasks that must get done, they know their team well, and they are laser-focused on growth.

Developing a high performing hybrid remote team results from finding great talent in the material handling industry. Recruiters can access top talent that you can’t because of their relationships with top-level performers in the field, the passive talent who are still doing great in their roles.


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