Greater employee retention and job satisfaction are just a couple of the reasons why having a strong company culture matters. In fact, a majority of employees in a recent survey indicated that job quality was more important than their earnings. On the other side, cultures that don’t effectively support collaboration and encourage growth will lead to lack of engagement or burnout. Don’t settle for a company culture that doesn’t support your team, vision, and goals when there are steps you can take to make a good company culture even better.

  1. Focus on the Big Nine Cultural Values

A good company culture is rooted in creating a set of values that are accepted and important to employees. The Big Nine Cultural Values is a concise list of principles developed by MIT Sloan Management Review (MIT SMR) that are cited most frequently in the reviews of leading companies. These terms represent the organizational values employees respect the most: agility, collaboration, customer, diversity, execution, innovation, integrity, performance and respect. The world’s top companies are then able to translate many of these values into behaviors.

  1. Encourage Self-Care

A growing number of employees are working remotely and constantly connected to their computers and mobile devices. More people are struggling to find a separation between their personal and professional lives. It’s important to promote a healthy work-life balance through benefits such as flexible work schedules and paid gym memberships if you really want your company culture to thrive.

  1. Improve on Diversity and Inclusion

Hiring diverse pools of talent is another one of the values that many top companies have in common. Candidates are looking for opportunities with employers that celebrate differences and welcome everyone. Don’t automatically assume that you already have a diverse workforce. Companies have started using diversity data reports to better understand the gender, ethnicity, race, and age of their employees. Then, hiring managers can see where to make improvements.

  1. Cultivate Change

There’s a fine line between appreciating your history and letting it hold you back. Some employees are going to be reluctant to change, but innovation is one of the Big Nine Values that we listed earlier. Culture can also be improved by introducing new ways of working that help employees achieve their goals. Recruit talent that is committed to your current vision and to the future of your organization.

Ask your employees what company values matter most to them. It’s no coincidence that most leading companies make diversity and inclusion a part of their recruiting process. While you can respect the past traditions that got you to where you are today, it’s important to cultivate change as a cornerstone of your culture.


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