Great leadership is needed during challenging times like the present. From sales leaders to project managers, and engineers, many professionals in the material handling automation and equipment industry are working remotely right now and adjusting to rapid change. These three tips will help you successfully lead your remote team with confidence.

  1. Communicate Often and Thoughtfully

When your team is working on location, they have many different people talking to them, but the conversation you have with your team now might be the only work-related communication they receive right now. Frequent communication will help keep your team focused and engaged. Now that most communication you have with team members is happening over text and email, you have to pay closer to attention to the language you use so you ensure you convey the appropriate tone.

  1. Keep an Open Mind

You can’t lead a remote team successfully unless you allow yourself to be flexible and adaptable. Your team members are going to have unique challenges so there isn’t going to be a one-size-fits all management approach that will work. For example, some of your employees will have more distractions at home than others. You will need to examine each team member’s situation and adapt your leadership style to their needs. The best leaders during a crisis are understanding and open-minded.

  1. Provide Your Team with Sufficient Support

Your team is likely experiencing an unparalleled degree of stress as they try to cope with the coronavirus while also adjusting to working from home. Employees are going to need more emotional support and reassurance from you than in the past. It’s important that you listen to their fears and concerns, acknowledge them, and do your best to empathize with their problems. They need to be able to vent and to know they aren’t alone.

It is hard to lead a remote team without any preparation, but the industry needs strong leadership now more than ever. Frequent communication, a willingness to listen, compassion, and open-mindedness will all help you lead your team through this pandemic.


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