Having an effective onboarding plan can make all the difference in maintaining a productive team. Onboarding helps new hires adapt to their new work environment and understand their role in the organization. These three steps can help you create an onboarding plan that sets employees up for success.

  1. Prepare New Hires for their First Week

The first week can leave a major impression on employees and influence whether they commit to your organization for the long-term. It is important to take the time to communicate with hires often in between the time they accept the offer and begin their first day. In the process, you want to help them understand what to expect from their role, introduce them to their colleagues, and make them feel like they are invested in the company’s success.

  1. Provide Structured Training and Orientation

Starting a new job can be intimidating and can often provoke feelings of uncertainty. You can make the process more encouraging by creating an enjoyable orientation and training experience. For example, a mentor can help new hires set up their desk, as well as any software or technology they for their role. It’s also important to provide training to make sure new hires have the skills they need to perform their job, otherwise they may feel overwhelmed.

  1. Think Beyond the First Month

One reason onboarding programs often fail is because the process doesn’t last long enough. In many companies, onboarding ends after the first month or even the first week. Starting a new job is a learning process. It takes time for employees to understand the ins and outs of their role, assimilate into the company and culture, learn company policies, etc. Consistent training and support will improve performance over time.

A thoughtful onboarding program can help new hires feel supported as they begin their new role, which can affect everything from job performance to retention. To develop a successful onboarding program, establish what new hires should expect in their first week so you can prepare them accordingly, develop a welcoming and informative orientation process, and maintain onboarding until employees are fully integrated into the company’s culture


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