Capitalizing on Current Market Conditions:
Why It’s Time to Invest in Material Handling Talent

As we navigate the ebb and flow of the job market amid a mild retraction, certain sectors are experiencing a slowdown. In response, some companies, driven by a focus on immediate cost-cutting, are unfortunately letting go of their top talent. This presents a golden opportunity for visionary companies within the material handling industry to seize the moment and invest in this top-tier talent. This approach could be a strategic game-changer. Do you know how to capitalize on this opportunity?

Understanding the Current Job Market
Currently, certain industries are facing a downturn, causing a ripple effect on the job market. According to a Business Today report, an estimated 360,000 tech employees have been unemployed between 2022 and May 2023. This has led to a surge in available talent in the job market, including highly skilled and experienced professionals.

While these conditions may seem challenging, they also present an opportunity. By recognizing the potential of this moment, companies in the material handling industry can leverage this influx of talent to bolster their capabilities and plan for future growth.

Featured Opportunities
At Pioneer Search Group, we understand a change in your career or employment is a huge decision and if you’re going to make a move it has to be the right one. We use the old-fashioned method of getting to know the people involved and we can’t do that with an automated computer search. For us to properly advise you on your next career move, we need to get to know you.
Regional Sales Manager East Coast
  • Major Lift Truck OEM looking for an RSM selling through a dealer network.
  • 4-6 years of lift truck experience and the ability to travel.
National Account Sales
  • A major Equipment Fleet Management firm selling into large fleet accounts nationwide.
  • 5-7 years selling into large Fortune 500 fleet accounts throughout North America.
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We recruit the old fashioned way. That’s what makes us different. We use a personalized selection process to match individuals with employers. We are skilled recruiters who know how to find someone who isn’t necessarily looking for a new opportunity. Know what you’re looking for in an employee? We’ll find it!

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